The Beginning of Our Kava Journey

“Prayer and Faith”, that has been our family’s motto since Cameron became ill in 2009 with a severe autoimmune condition while in his second year of college at the University of Arkansas. 

The George family 2007 before Cameron’s autoimmune/nervous system issues


An avid distance runner in Jr. High and High School, Cameron entered college and ran cross-country for the Arkansas Razorbacks.  That had been his dream for years…. to run under the guidance of his hero, the storied track and field coach, John McDonnell. Then, out of the blue, this seemingly normal 19 year old began spiraling into an immune/nervous system crash leaving him weak, tired and unmotivated.  He moved home to rest and recuperate as we all thought he was just worn out from running.  The next few years were horrific as his health and mental cognition steadily declined. Going from doctor to doctor in various cities throughout the country, medication to medication…nothing was helping. 

Things became even tougher on the family as he finally moved with his mother to Dallas to be able to see an auto-immune specialist multiple times per week in hopes of finding some glimmer of hope for his deteriorating immune/nervous system.  His Dad remained in NW Arkansas during this time to keep his job and came to visit only every other weekend. As time went on Cameron began reacting to more and more foods as if his condition was getting worse.  If the food reactions weren’t bad enough next came reactions to water…this water, that water, tap water, bottled water….everything seemed to send his system into a reaction.  He was running out of foods that he could eat and now he was running out of water choices.  Just when things seemed to be at rock bottom the unthinkable happened….his body began to refuse all food AND water.  Everything that touched his lips caused his body to go into convulsions and he was unable to eat for 12 days and without water for 3-4 days.  On the 12th day his mom knew something must be done.  Cameron’s face and eyes were sunken, his skin dry and peeling, no energy, no bowel movements and he feared the end was near.

Cameron George shown here in 2008 won the Hogeye Marathon that year
Cameron George shown here in 2008 won the Hogeye Marathon that year


He was severely dehydrated and needed fluids or he would die soon.  We were advised by our doctor in Dallas to get intravenous fluids in him as soon as possible.  She loaded him in the car for a trip to the emergency room and he feared the end was near.  Cameron wanted to call his dad and both of his brothers in Arkansas to tell them goodbye before we tried to put an IV in his arm as he thought he would never survive the treatment.  That……was the lowest point we had ever faced and all we could do was pray.  God has always been with us but was definitely present that day as the IV worked and Cameron’s body did not reject it!  From that point on he knew that if he ever got well his calling was to use his experience to help others with similar afflictions.  Up to this point Cameron had used most of his free time to research online his symptoms to look for solutions or doctors who could help him.  It was like conducting research in college with the exception that his motivation was not a degree….it was reclaiming his life. While researching on the internet he found stories and podcasts of Dr. Dan Pompa of Park City, Utah, who told of being sick himself, how he had regained his health and was now doing the same for others.  Upon contacting Dr. Pompa we were fortunate to have him sign on as Cameron’s health coach to teach him how to cleanse and feed his body so his body could then heal itself. 

Kava made the traditional way looks and tastes very earthy


During this time Cameron was researching and digging up any and all ways to promote this self-healing.  In Dallas he began reading articles and research about kava and how it interacted with the brain and nervous system to reduce excitability.  He and Dr. Pompa discussed trying kava in various forms to potentially calm his nervous system and reduce the severity of reactions.  In the early attempts to use kava we were faced with trying the traditional preparation methods in order to get the full effects of the root because none of the extracted forms delivered any noticeable results. Unfortunately, preparing kava the traditional way can prove daunting to a sick person……spending 15-30 minutes of kneading the root powder in a cloth bag in warm to hot water.  If he had not had his parents to help, this might not have been able to accomplish even this seemingly simple task.  Miraculously the drink started to work immediately…increasing over time to help calm his nervous system and tame his reactions long enough for him to consume the food and supplements he needed to aid the healing process.  It was not overnight, it took time and it tasted awful, but it was working as part of the total healing process he was using! 

Cameron soon was spending hours trying to figure out a better way to get this natural root into his system by researching/experimenting with other kava products on the market and finally embarking on a quest to create his own simpler, better and tastier method.  The problem was that all of the extract products on the market fell far short of the medium grind root powder prepared as a traditional drink. 

Then as fate would have it, he crossed paths with a man who was “processing” seeds for oil in a way unmatched by other processing methods.  They started working together on an idea to process kava to with the seeds that would be used to push the beneficial kavalactones out of the kava.  The test was a tremendous success and after testing it was determined the oil contained nearly the same chemotype or “fingerprint” of the kava root used in the test.  That meant that most all of the beneficial parts of the root found in the traditional kava drink were also in the kava oil….and it didn’t taste bad at all!  As a matter of fact, it tasted good!  Returning from the edge of a debilitating illness and creating an improved methodology for a product with the plant that aided Cameron’s return to health imbedded in him a burning desire to share this path to health with everyone who needs it.  

Our story of losing health and then regaining it with the help of “Prayer and Faith” is why we started this company and it’s why we want to share this product with millions who are suffering.  Through this product many can receive relief as Cameron has from the root of the amazing kava plant.*


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