What is Traditional Kava

Kava Is Grown on South Pacific Island Farms

Most of the worlds Kava supply is grown on small farms throughout the South Pacific on islands such as Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga Papau New Guinea, Samoa and Hawaii.  Many varieties of the plant have flourished there for over 3,000 years and have been used by natives as a ceremonial drink as well as recreational and medicinal. 


Traditional Kava Is Made From The Roots

Traditional kava is a drink prepared from the roots of Piper Methysticum, where it is used for its natural relaxing and social enhancing qualities. It also has traditionally been used as a medicine for nervous system conditions and other ailments. The effects are much like alcohol, but without the “drunkenness” that can impair fine motor skills. kava is well known to be totally non-addictive and non-toxic when quality product is used*. There are over 100 different varieties of kava, all with varying effects due to slight differences in chemical properties. Of all of these different varieties, a specific class referred to as “noble varieties” are the absolute highest quality of all kava cultivars. In fact, these are the only varieties that the islanders will consume daily due to their safety and lack of side effects.

Traditional Kava Drinks Require Multiple Steps

Kava is traditionally prepared by placing the ground root powder into a strainer bag and kneading it in a bowl of cold water, where the root’s kavalactones are released and the water is then consumed. However, even though traditional kava has always been the only form that provides the full therapeutic effects, it is very tedious and time consuming to prepare. It also has a very earthy taste that can be quite unpleasant and hard for people to consume, especially on a regular basis. For all of these reasons, the traditional kava preparation has not been practical for large scale commercial use and thus is only used by a small percentage connoisseurs that are willing to deal with the inconvenience.*


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